Difference Between Lipo and Tummy Tuck

Are you wondering what the difference between lipo and tummy tuck are? Depending on what your problem areas are, you will need to know which procedure will work best for you. For more information, this article will go into the key differences that can help you best evaluate between the procedures.

Difference Between Lipo and Tummy Tuck

Difference Between Lipo and Tummy Tuck


Liposuction includes creating a small incision in the abdominal cavity and inserting a plastic conduit. This conduit is used to draw out fat from the targeted body area. In most occasions, liposuction is used to draw out fat around the abdominal area. Although, liposuction can also be used to eliminate fat in the thighs, back, neckline, and arms.

Individuals will select a liposuction procedure when they have fat present in a centralized area. For instance, when the majority of the fat stores in your thighs, liposuction may be a great alternative in removing the fat. Overall, liposuction is ideal for people who typically have good muscle tone and skin.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck will focus on just that, your tummy. This procedure, also known as an abdominoplasty, will include removing excess skin around your abdominal area and tighten the muscles. The initial incision is made across the lower abdomen, which allows surgeons to remove skin and tighten the muscles.

A tummy tuck procedure is recommended to patients who have extra skin. For example, this can be a procedure for men or women who have have lost extreme amounts of weight and would like to get rid of the excess skin. Tummy tucks can also be for women who have had several pregnancies and would like to tighten their tummy.


Typically, the price for liposuction or tummy tuck may range between $1,000 completely to $5,000. To get a better understanding of how much either procedure may cost, consult a physician.


Overall the key difference between lipo and tummy tuck is the purpose. Tummy tucks are used when excess skin is present and the patient would like it to be removed and have their muscles tightened. While liposuction is used for patients who would like to remove fat from a centralized area. If you have any more questions on the differences, Dr. Holden has the experience and the knowledge to answer your questions.

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